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About Bapsang Cooking Class & Busan

Korean Cooking Class Bapsang is located in beautiful Haeundae beach Busan. Busan is country’s most famous vacation spots home to majestic mountains, sparkling beaches, steaming hot springs and fantastic seafood in South Korea’s second-largest city. The nice ocean breeze formulated its own specialized Busan ingredients that produced tasty unique Busan local food culture. At the Korean Cooking Class Bapsang in Busan, you can experience to cook authentic homemade traditional Korean Local dishes with fresh local seasonal ingredients and have it on Bapsang which is traditional personal dining table.

Come Busan! Experience beautiful Ocean and dive into Busan Food Culture!

About Korean Cooking Guide Minkyung

I was born and raised in Busan. My curious personality led me to the world to traveled, studied, worked and exchanged cultures with joy. Having worked on hospitality industry and studied traditional Korean cuisine, I found myself in Busan in a total state of excitement and absorption about food cultures and would like to share with you. Once you come to Bapsang, you will not only cook Korean cuisine, but also you will experience Korean culture and make friends. I will be a good guide for you to be fascinated by Korean food and its culture!